June 28th, 2012

Sengokushi GACKT

[NicoNico] Yellow Fried Chickenz - Talk at Nicoradi (2012.06.22) ~HQ~

Hello evuribody ! :)
Well, as promised, here is today the Nicoradi of June 22th. Tomorow is if I'm not mistaken the last Nicoradi with the Yellow Fried Chickenz, so for this reason, I will need to to share it quickly for some reasons instead of making you waiting a whole week to have the episode on your computer. In this episode, you can see for example Takumi, YOU & Chachamaru trying to redo the Mousou Boys (or the one of Moso Girl, it's the same almost) in front of the cameras, but they have a really hard time to remember it apparently. A show that you should watch at least for this little part ! ^^

As always, all the Nicoradi are in the same quality, almost like the original broadcast, so I hope you will enjoy it, even though he comes late. =)
Join all the parts together with the latest version of HJsplit, thank you ! ^_^