June 23rd, 2012

Sengokushi GACKT

[Ustream] Fade - Online Chat + Accoustic Live (2012.06.22) ~Original Quality~

Hello everyone !
Well, first, I perfectly know I've something else to do before that, but it's just I can't wait any longer for the Ustream Fade broadcast. If my memory is good enough, it's my very first entry about Fade here. I first discovered Jon when he did translated the GRAFFITI - I LOVE YOU ALL tour document DVD, but I seriously had a revelation for that guy when I saw him in Paris almost one year ago now. This man is really nice and warm, and not only online, but since the very begining, he's like that. Because I really enjoyed Fade even more with their new PV called "Ever Free", I decided to take a look to the Ustream broadcast they did yesterday, and was amazed of how "close" we were to them, I even managed to catch the attention of Jon & Rui many times. I asked Jon about the name of the album, said "I LOVE DIRTY GIRLS !!!", or at the begining when I said I were the only guy out there. At the end, they performed an accoustic live who was quite great. Anyway, even though the broadcast was quite laggy (thanks to the crowded chat at some moments xD) and that you will spot some adds, it's something you might definetly enjoy !

The video is in his original quality, full video, no video cropping, a clear sound. I proudly announce that I'm gonna do my best to record EVERY next Ustream Fade broadcast, and then upload them both here AND on Youtube !
Join all the parts with the latest version of HJsplit to view the show, thank you !

Click here to watch the whole Ustream broadcast on Youtube !