June 20th, 2012

Yoshi {Bunraku}

[DVDrip] GACKT - Bunraku in French [Download + Youtube]

Hiii everybody ! :)
I know I still have the previous Nicoradi show and a sort of report of what the doctor told me last Friday, but lately, I'm quite focused on other stuff ... like playing Pokémon Heart Gold ! (xD) Anyway, as a promise I made a while ago to
ryuik, I decided to rip & upload a scene of the movie Bunraku on my DVD. You probably already know that I live in France, so it's of course the french dub and not the original one I'm offering you today. The voice isn't that bad, even though the japanese accent is now gone from the french dub. I saw somewhere that GACKT himself did the french dub ... NO WAY, he's not enough skilled to have such perfect french without any japanese accent ! ^^
There's both Youtube & Mediafire versions, choose the one you prefer. I've added semi-grey borders to the video to kinda modify it, in order to avoid a maximum of the copyright owners, even though it will never be entirely possible. :)