June 12th, 2012

Me & Takanori Nishikawa

Random update about various stuff, with a bit of GACKT in it !

Hiii to everyone ! :)
Today, I'm not gonna share any download links, but instead write a bit of me, what I do lately, you know, such kind of things. So if you want to bother reading, please have a seat ! :P
First, I really miss some girls, to call only two, I would say
anei_no_tsuki & mun_chairudo, but there's also some who are not here anymore or at least almost, it's Subtlepresence (I hope I spelled it right xD) or also Doreen (hiiii ! ^^), and many more girls. If you read this, I really miss you ! <3

But that's not all, if you wanna take a look of how GACKT looks like in the video game Final Fantasy X-2 and many more, check what's under the cut, hehehe ! :P

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