June 7th, 2012


[News/Rumor] The Yellow Fried Chickenz are going to "break up" the 04th July 2012 !

Hello everyone !
I usually don't write news here, but I guess it does deserve an entry. Previously, official websites announced a birthday live of the Yellow Fried Chickenz, with the word "farewell" in the title !

Even though that news aren't announced directly on official websites yet, Takumi wrote on his blog (translation HERE, thanks amaia) that this birthday concert will be a sort of break up for the band !

- What about his promise to make a tour to the U.S.A then ?
GACKT did have promised many times he would tour to the US, for example in the J-Melo show on NHK World broadcasted earlier this year, but you have to keep in mind you have to be patient when GACKT make a promise. He have promised in a message at the attention of French fans he would make a concert in Europe & especially France around 4-5 years BEFORE the actual concert happened in Paris. I don't know if it will take that long for the other countries, but he always keep his promises at the end !

- I'm crying, I will never ever see the Yellow Fried Chickenz with my own eyes EVER, I'm sad !
Who said the band will never appear again on stage ? First, GACKT is the trolling king, remember the press conference happened almost a year ago, it was the best trolling thing he did recently ! Also don't forget that bands like this usually appear again on stage later, I've VAMPS right now in mind as an example. Jon is focused on his onw band called FADE, GACKT will have his Moon Saga stage play really soon as little examples of why it had to happen sooner or later. Again, let's all be patient, and never lose hope in anything !