June 4th, 2012


[NicoNico] Yellow Fried Chickenz - Talk at Nicoradi (2012.06.01) ~HQ~

Hello mina-san ! :)
I'm sorry to be so quiet lately, but I've to say that some events in my life doesn't help me to update as often I really want, so even if it's not my fault, I would like to apologize, I'm okay, and I won't stop my Livejournal ! ^^ 3 days ago was the Nicoradi with the Yellow Fried Chickenz, You, Takumi & Chachamaru. The game of today was a sort of cookin session, but our two boys weren't really skilled to cook what they did. I have to say that I'm not that much passionatted by everything about food, so I barely watched the show while I was recording, I've to be franc. But I do hope you will enjoy it, even 3 days later ! :)

The quality is really good, smooth and everything you're used to with my previous recordings of this show, so go and download it if you wanna take a look to it ! =) Also, the file is bigger than usual, because the show was around 20 minutes longer than usual ! ^^
Join all the parts together with the latest version of Hjsplit, thank you ! ^_^