May 26th, 2012


[Funimation] GACKT - Interview for Dragon Age (2012.05.26) ~Original Quality~

Hello everyone ! :)
Well, I must say that I lack of motivation for updating quite often lately, you may have noticed that excepted for rare occasions, I only share the latest Nicoradi shows with YFC, isn't it ? With this post, I would like to apologize for apologize for that, and I wanna show you that I can still share other sort of videos, I mean not necessary Nicoradi shows. I guess this video don't need any summary since it's ALL in english, but basically, it's a Skype conversation between Funimation and GACKT, about many various subjects, like his voice actors works, Moon Saga, his favourite cars, and many other sort of stuff, so please, check it out ! :)

The file is the one directly extracted from the official Funimation Youtube account HERE, I haven't converted it into .avi due to the poor quality of the original video, I hope you will understand.
Use the latest version of VLC Media Player in case you have trouble playing the file, thank you ! ^^

[NicoNico] Yellow Fried Chickenz - Talk at Nicoradi (2012.05.25) ~HQ~

Hiiiii ! :)
Today, I come here (even though a little bit late) to share with you my daily and regular upload of the Nicoradi show on NicoNico Douga, with our dear Yellow Fried Chickenz, for a lot of fun. And yeah, yesterday was a lot of fun, indeed, because GACKT did a surprise appearance on the show, to torture again his band members. The show is shorter than the others, probably because they didn't shown a live performance, so you can be more focused on GACKT's crazyness, and on how Takumi feels blessed to have such wonderfull friend with him in those shows ! :P

Just like the previous one, the Nicoradi of this week is almost like the original version you watched on NicoNico Douga, the video play smoothly, for more fun ! :)
Join all the parts together with HJsplit in order to watch the video, thank you !