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Hello everyone ! :)
Well, yesterday aired a really awesome and funny Nicoradi weekly show with the Yellow Fried Chickenz. If I have to give you an advice for those who aren't really fan of these shows, it's to watch this one, it's definetly full of surprises and of fun. As you may already have seen on the Youtube video above or on the thumb in this post, a certain GACKT appeared when he wasn't supposed to be there. He honestly trolled everyone there, and tortured everyone as well. Who knows if he was drunk or wathever, but it a was genius idea to do all of this, I'm quite inspired now ! :P

As always, I really put a lot of efforts to bring you the original broadcast in a .avi version, so I hope you will enjoy it, it's almost like if you were watching it on NicoNico Douga ! ^_^
Join all the parts with HJsplit, thank you !

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