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Hello girlz ! ^_^ (and guyz ! lol)
Well, today was broadcasted on NicoNico Douga the first episode of this month, our weekly Nicoradi with the Yellow Fried Chickenz. This time, there was YOU, Takumi & Chachamaru. I would like to say that this show was even more funny than the previous one, and this, most probably because of what's happening in almost the end of the show (watch the YT video to understand), I laughed SO hard when I saw all of this, and even after the performance of Last Kiss from Berlin shown, but you will see by yourself ... ^_^

The quality is ... as always the same than all the other Nicoradi shows I've ripped the other weeks, excepted that this time, I kept the little cartoon PV shown because he was different, so the file is a little bit bigger than usual.
Join all the parts together with HJsplit in order to view the show properly, thank you ! =)

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