May 1st, 2012

Journey Through the Decade

[TV] GACKT - Message for US fans in J-Melo (2012.04.02) ~HQ~

Hello girlz ! :)
I've recently noticed that it's been a while since the last time I did have recorded and encoded that GACKT message on J-Melo. For the little story, this message was aired in a J-Melo special aired the 2nd April 2012, and is really similar to the one he did for 11th March, in the same room. In this message, he's really self confident when he's saying "and hello to everyone who doen't know me yet", it's so funny how he think to everyone when he's greeting his fans. Oh, by the way, the message is again in really in good english ! =)

The quality of the video is really HQ, not recorded from NHK World Website but from my TV itself as usual, hope you will like it ! :)