April 26th, 2012

Takegami Gackt

[Scans] GACKT - Until the Last Day (CD + DVD Edition) ~HQ~

Hello everyone ! :)
Well, as always lately, the mood isn't really high, it's one of the reason why I'm not online that much lately. But I suddenly remembered that I did have scanned AND uploaded already since a while the scans fromthe CD + DVD version of Until the Last Day GACKT single, I did have said I would post them a while backt already. It's never too late after all, right ? Well, since I'm not proud of the colour results that the scans have compared to the original, I won't say too much about it, excepted that there's still nice pictures behind the single and inside the back cover, and despite the fact I'm not proud of them, they are still in HQ quality ! ^_^

I wanna apologize for the lack of updates, I know I can do better than that. I wish I could do something to forgive myself about that, I hope you weren't too much worried about me ... ><'

Do wathever you want with the scans, graphics, etc. No need to ask me, you already have my permission ! ^___^

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