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Hello everyone ! ^^
This time, I won't do the same mistake of waiting almost a week to deliver you the weekly Nicoradi with our fried chickenz, so here I am. This week, the Yellow Fried Chickenz was there to have fun together once again, but this time, YOU was there instead of Chachamaru. As you may probably know, he had trouble with his foot, but he's also wearing a funny wig with big sunglasses, like our dear GACKT. Even though I don't understand japanese at all, I did have fun watching that show, just like every weeks ! =)

Still usefull to say, but the quality of my Nicoradi records is close to be perfect, it looks like the original broadcast, so don't hesitate and grab it if you want it ! <3
Join all the parts together with HJsplit if you wanna watch the show, thank you !

Current Mood: happyhappy
Current Music: Yellow Fried Chickenz - 「恋愛DRIVER~ Fooさんの歌~ [.jp]」