April 17th, 2012

GACKT in Paris #4

[TV] GACKT - Opening of Tommy Hilfiger store with Jessica Alba (2012.04.17) ~MQ~

Hello to everyone ! =)
Today were shown on morning news in Japan some media coverage of the Tommy Hilfiger store with that man, Jessica Alba and GACKT. I must say that the medias focused mainly of GACKT and Jessica, I wonder why ? (xD) Official sources were telling us at 5:50 in Japan, but as always, I was right to be carefull, it's always starting BEFORE the scheduled time ... I was right. So the video features the "Oha-you" morning news show and the "ZIP!" morning show. Actually, the TV coverage is about almost the same contains than
this video posted recently on Youtube. But watching that on TV is also giving you a different view of that ! ^_^
The quality, as always when I record from the TV, isn't HQ at all, but is far better than KeyholeTV, so I at least hope you will enjoy it ! =)