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~ Today's news is that Jessica Alba & GACKT were together ! ~
~ To celebrate that, and because G's dream became true, I did that macro ... xD ~

PS : Jessica Alba is really his ideal type ! =)

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Hello everyone ! :)
Well, today was posted on
DMM Moon Saga official website a comment from GACKT for the play. Unfortunatly, I've no ideas of the details he might have said in the video since I don't speak japanese, but I still hope you're gonna like it. As a bonus, I did also uploaded an other segment of the Moon Saga press conference available a while back on the official website. The main problem is that the "movie" section of the website is not available anymore outside Japan, so I came there and ripped everything you needed to satisfy your curiosity ! ^_^
The files, to keep the original quality, are in their original .flv versions. I did also included some screencaps to illustrate how the videos were displayed on the website. I hope you will enjoy them ! =)
If you can't play the videos correctly, use the latest version of VLC Media Player ! ^_^

Current Mood: happyhappy
Current Music: Yellow Fried Chickenz - 最終通告COUNTDOWN [.jp]