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Hello everyone ! :)
How have you been ? Me, quite fine, and you can thanks my dear Otaru, because lately, I've been in a break that it seems I weren't able to go out, and I still wonder why. I guess my emotional state is related, but I barely listened G or even YFC, and I still haven't opened the YFC album type B (O_o). The gift that Otaru sent me contains the free magazine with GACKT & Jon on it, but what's helped me were the tons of flyers included with the magazine. I enjoyed them all SO MUCH !
Anyway, today, or yesterday, all depends of were you are on the planet was shown the weekly appearance of our dear chickenz on Nicoradi, through NicoNico Douga's website. Even though there was no physical G there, there was still his pre-recorded voice during the show. I must say that I quite enjoyed the show, really, they was so funny. At the end of the show, there was a GACKT batsu game, for our dear U:ZO ... to see what is it, look at the screencap ... xDD

Current Mood: happyhappy
Current Music: YFC - Speed Master (Berlin)