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Hello everyone ! :)
Woaaaah, it's been a while since the last time I've updated, isn't it ? Well, my computer is fully alright, my previous entry was a joke, you know, April's fools joke. But it was also a way to say that I wanted to take a little break from everything, like I sometimes do, in order to be able to fully enjoy my online activities.
Well, anyway, today was the first Nicoradi show with the Yellow Fried Chickenz, with GACKT, JON, Takumi and U:ZO. The chickenz plan to appear EVERY WEEKS from now till 29th June 2012 on Nicoradi, for a lot of fun. I recorded the one of today, and of course, I plan to share it as soon as I can. Seriously, those guys are seriously funny ! xD

Current Mood: happyhappy
Current Music: Yellow Fried Chickenz - 「恋愛DRIVER~ Fooさんの歌~ [.jp]」