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31 March 2012 @ 08:55 pm
Hello everyone ! :)
You may have noticed that the "soon !" of my previous entry isn't online yet, there's a reason behind that. First, I'm not at home right now, I'm at my girlfriend's house, on her computer. But there's also a reason why I'm not on MY computer like I usually am at her house. I wasn't able to bring it at her house because mine isn't working well. Lately, I've been losing data, and I can't manage to stop that. I can't reinstall Windows, because that would means I'm not able to recover the recent datas.
Don't worry, I still have the latest scans I did and the videos, but yeah, I don't know for how long. For scanning, it takes around 20 minutes peer scans to be done, the computer is slowing down more and more ....
(I'm coming back Monday)

Well, anyway, I won't be able to update more than that.Until then, I'm gonna leave the computer a little bit and enjoy the rest of my time with my girlfriend. I'm gonna pray for not losing my computer's data, otherwise, I will not be able to make any HQ rip anymore ....
Current Mood: sadsad