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Hello everyone ! :)
Seems like I should have posted that earlier, but anyway, since I always come (I hope so xD) with the best quality as possible, let's hope everyone is still interested by it. This video features GACKT, performing GHOST, in Hong-Kong, for the 6th edition of the Film Award Festival. The performance really looks like the one he did for his Requiem & Reminiscence II tour in 2009, and it's still awesome to see GACKT performing it again in 2012 !

Well, the quality is the exact same as the one available on YT from the full show, so you can consider that having the full 1 hour long file is the same than having this one in term of quality ! ^_^
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Hello again everyone ! :)
Well, two entries in a row, I know I usually don't do that, but I was late for the previous entry, so that's why I make today an exception. GACKT sang the national anthem Kimi Ga Yo before the game, at the Tokyo Dome. I must say that even though they aren't showing GACKT at all when he's singing (just like last time ... lol), the voice, HIS voice, it sounds incredible, so powerfull and magical. You definetly should take a look and listen to that video, you will realize that GACKT doesn't need any tricks to have an awesome voice ! =)

I've optimized the colours a little bit from the original Youtube video. The file is also bigger, but keeping the original quality with a .avi file isn't something easy I must say. I hope you will like it ! ^_^
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29 March 2012 @ 10:18 pm
~ Soon ! ~

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