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~ Sorry, I was too weak, I made macros ... xD ~
I'm not making fun of GACKT, I respect him so much for that. ^^

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Hello mina-san ! :)
Well, lately, I've though about scanning the booklet and the packaging of the stage play DVD of Nemuri Kyoshiro in HQ, for those who might be interested by them. I must say that the stage play is really wonderfull. For those who still haven't seen my review and who want to read it,
I've written a review over there. While the stage play is amazing, the booklet is also in the same stylish way than the other Nemuri pamphlets I did scanned in the past, totally gorgeous. I invite you then to go and grab them if you want them in HQ ! <3
There was some pages with texts only, I haven't scanned them. Most of you are more interested by the pictures themselves than the text only, that's why.

Please, if you repost, please credit my work, but the most important is to not claim those scans are yours, thank you ! ^_^

~ Nemuri Kyoshiro in HQ behind the cut ! ~Collapse )
Current Mood: happyhappy
Current Music: Yellow Fried Chickenz - 「恋愛DRIVER~ Fooさんの歌~ [.jp]」