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Hello everyone ! :)
Well, as you may have already seen, I recieved the play of Nemuri Kyoshiro from HMV store, the item who is currently sold-out on both CDjapan & HMV. Because some people may have wanted to know what I think of it, I though about writting a review of the both DVD. Instead of writting a review of something that everyone reviewed, I want to be original and to tell you all if I did enjoyed it or not. I invite you then to read it if you wanna know ! :)

My review is based on my own understanding, I haven't read any reviews from anyone who have attempted to the play itself. I apologize for for the mistakes if I've misunderstood something. :(

May contains spoilers, so if you are waiting to recieve that item and that you don't wanna know anything of it, I suggest you to not read that following review, thank you !

~ Review of the first DVD ! ~Collapse )

~ Review of the second DVD ! ~Collapse )
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