March 18th, 2012

GACKT in Paris #4

New great pictures from Le Bataclan, during YFC Europe Tour 2011 !! (2011.07.21)

Good morning/evening everyone ! ^_^
Well, I was browsing to my folders, and while I was looking at my pictures taken during my trip to Paris, for the two YFC/GACKT concerts held in Le Bataclan in 2011, I did have found that some of them were nice enough to be shared. Well, I hope so ! LOL So they are gonna be posted on that entry below, so please let me know if you have enjoyed them ! ^_^

Those with "Arnaud Boulent" are the same person who helped with the previous shots I did posted before. His ae better than mine, but we can't have everything ! :P
Since the credits are on the pictures itself, feel free to repost them as much as you want ! ^_^