March 12th, 2012


[TV] GACKT - Message for 11th March at J-Melo (2012.03.11) ~HQ~ {Subbing project details added.}

Hello everyone.
Today, or yesterday for some of you, was the day of the broadcast of J-Melo, dedicated to Japan's earthquake of March 11th. In this show, there was many artists like Takanori Nishikawa, who left messages for Japan, some in english, some in japanese. GACKT message is fully in english, with japanese subtitles, made by NHK channel, for japan viewers. He basically thanks us to support Japan, that it's because of us that japanese people still have hope for the future.

This version isn't the one of NHK World, but the one cropped from the J-Melo broadcasted in Japan on NHK G. It's because it contains japanese subs, to the japanese people who want to watch that message again ! <3

Please, read what's written bellow, thanks !

I would like to make an offer for everyone who are interested by it.
I'm running a project, starting from now, who consist to sub in every languages as possible this message of GACKT. The NHK World version doesn't have english subs, so I can include hardsubs on the video itself, and upload it on Dailymotion for everyone overseas. It consist to spread G's words as much as possible, in many languages it exists.

What you have to do to help me to translate that video is really simple. I will write the sentences that GACKT says in english, and all you have to do is to send me a private message telling me also into wich language the sentences are translated to. They are basically with numbers before EACH LINES.
When you send me those translations, please, respect those numbers and their correct orders, so I will know where to put the subtitles on the video and don't make any mistakes. Those who aren't confortable with the language they are translating to, should not try to translate those lines, because of the mistakes you might insert to the subbed video. Thanks in advance !

1. Over the last year, many people all over the world, have offered their dear support to Japan.
2. Many of those affected by the disaster of March 11th, were able to find courage, because of your kindness.
3. I would like to humbly thank you all from the bottom of my heart.
4. I continue to believe in, and fight for the day, that I'm able to peacefully join hands, with my brothers and sisters all over the world.

Be sure to be a fluent in the language you translate in order to avoid typos. Don't forget to submit your message, not in roman but with your language like you write it everydays in your life !