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10 March 2012 @ 10:56 pm

One year ago...
There was a terrible earthquake, who then, lended a tsunami in Japan. This thing have caused death, people homeless, some childrens lost their parents. Things like that are really horrible, and I still can't believe it's been one year that all of this happened. I'm not living in Japan, but only for helping those who suffered from the tsunami, I want to travel over there, and help them, with my own hands. Fortunatly, there's ways for us, overseas, to help Japan.

GACKT created his Twitter account in the goal to communicate with his fans, but not only that. It was also a way to promote his charity project, called
Show Your Heart (also called SYH) is a charity project, who have as a goal to recieve funds to help the devasted areas to rebuild and start a new life. Of course, things aren't that easy, and that's why we must all keep continue to support Japan. If you don't have money, you can still do a lot of things, like doing pictures about that in your blog/facebook. Japan need money to rebuild what have been devasted, but they also need words, because their hearts have been devasted as well.

I will do everything as I can to support Japan. I'm writting this entry to let Japan hear once again that they will never be alone, that we are all supporting them, France as well.

List of official websites related to SHOW YOUR HEART :
SHOW YOUR HEART -Activity Report-
SHOW YOUR HEART -Official Website-
SHOW YOUR HEART -New Official Website- (Open the 11th March, at 12:00, Japan)
GACKT Message (US)

Video project made by ren_chi for SHOW YOUR HEART and Japan !
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