March 2nd, 2012


[PV] Yellow Fried Chickenz - Mata, Koko De Aimasho (2012.03.02) ~HQ~

Hello everyone ! :)
I almost just came back from home, because I was out for the whole day, and I just found out that the PV of Mata, Koko De Aimasho was broadcasted today on japanese television, and already online ! (O_o) Yeah, I was also really surprised, because a few minutes before, I was showing to my mother the preview of it available on the website of our fried chickenz. Well, to talk a little bit of that PV, it's a promotional video who have been made to remember and never forget about what happened in Japan this day, the 11th March 2011. It's a really touching PV, and I hope those feelings will reach you just like it did with me ! :)

The PV directly come from Jpopsuki, and is uploaded for us all by Milice, so thank you really much for this ! <3