March 1st, 2012


[TV] Yellow Fried Chickenz - Talk at King's Brunch (2012.02.25) ~Complete version~

Hello everyone ! :)
WOAH, I will finally share the complete version over there of the latest King's Brunch with the Yellow Fried Chickenz, invited for a talk. This show was really special, because at the begining, GACKT only is talking, mainly about Bunraku movie release in Japan, but no YFC. For those who watched it live, there was like 30 minutes of unrelated things showing on TV, it was really troubling, because it was "Yellow Fried Chickenz" that were invited, but then, the others started talking, I was relieved ! xD Well, if you wanna see the complete version in a medium quality, please go ahead and watch that show ! ^_^

The quality of this video is really special, because I had to insert many different recordings into one single file to make that complete version available, since the Youtube vids, in great quality, were incomplete, so I hope you will enjoy it ! :)
Join all the parts together with the latest version of HJsplit to watch the show, thanks !

Don't credit my work to make that show complete as yours when you repost it, thank you in advance ! ^_^
Seito Kaichou ~Gakuensai~

My thoughts of GACKT recent activites and also of the fandom.

I really need to write my thoughts for all of this, fandom, recent GACKT/YFC activities, because I feel like I'm not expressing myself in my own blog.
I keep seeing people being shocked by GACKT's words when he talk about sexual stuff. (Those who don't understand japanese, check
amaia's Livejournal ! ^_^) I mean, why are you THAT MUCH shocked ? Okay, you have the right to be surprised, but I really don't understand all that drama about the fact he's talking too much about his penis or wathever. Yes GACKT, maybe you should talk about more various pervert things than your magnum, but I just wanna say that it's not something new, he always said dirty stuff in the past, it's definetly not a breaking news. So yes, he's taliing about really particular things about women, but he didn't put down women at all, he just talk about his vision of women of something's beautifull and who can give a lot of pleasure. Don't you remember the tweets about women who should hunt guys, or something like that ?
You girlz (yes, because those who complains about that are definetly girlz) who complains about that should really think of GACKT that he's also a man, a human, and not a God who's perfect. Hahaha, you never though about the other people who might be shocked when you write dirty comments or erotic fanfictions about GACKT or the YFC members, about how the others might be shocked ? Everyone's the same when it's about to enjoy the pleasure of life, so I find really useless and over-reacted to say such things.

It's quite useless to make dramas about those pervert things who come out from GACKT, really. Yes, the YFC band members did a cover of a ass with G's hand on it, yes, I also almost though the finger were in the ass.
Again, it's normal to be really surprised and to dislike that cover, but then, why girlz (yes, girlz, sorry, but that's the truth) make drama such cover when, not far away from them, you have commercials or movies on television who features whole naked bodies, with BOOBS, who features sexual things even worse. Those things can be watched by childrens who simply watch movies or television with family, but no, a ass is simply and definetly worse than all of that, for sure ! ~.~'
Oh, the funny thing is that I see less complains about the regular cover where six guys are trying to pull down G's pants. It's definetly innocent and pure what they do on that cover, of course ! :)

When I keep always talking about girlz, it's because I keep seeing girlz complaining about those, not men. Why ? I don't know, maybe because men don't have the same vision of the things, that we are all different. And yeah, it's also good for the first thing I was talking about in this entry. Men and women have different point of views, but before bitching about something like that, look yourself into a mirror and think about the dirty stuff you might have written. Being a rockstar doesn't mean anything, if GACKT want to say something, he just say it, and he's plenty right to think like that. It's okay to dislike that or to feel shocked, we're all different, but sometimes, some people are over-reacting, and that's the thing I'm talking about in this entry.

GACKT already shown to us that he's damn smart, so, because of that, seeing GACKT saying such dirty things shouldn't make you retire from the fandom or to hate him, because, in real life, he's definetly not always like that. And THIS, because he's smart enough to think more than only his penis. He didn't started doing and saying dirty things since the begining of his carreer ? Remember the Vanilla performance from the Mars Tour.

I feel sorry to not replying to all your nice thanks comments or to one of my latest long F-locked entry, but trust me, I read them all ! ><'