February 26th, 2012

HQ Master

[TV] GACKT - Moon Child at Academy Night (2012.02.24) ~HQ~

Hello everyone ! :)
Well, lately, there have been a few new GACKT appearances on japanese television, but I'm in a process to wait for some of them to pop up in HQ so I will perform a GACKT cut on them. Like for example, I'm waiting for the last part of King's Brunch to come up on Youtube in that same quality, so I wouldn't need to complete it with my MQ version to have the complete show, or for the newest Domoto Kyoudai with Takanori. So until then, I'm sharing with you all the HQ version of the Academy Night video who features GACKT & Hyde, talking a little bit, with a quite lovable style !

It's the same exact cut I performed on the LQ version of the show recorded on KeyholeTV previously, but with a far better quality. I hope you're gonna enjoy it ! ^_^