February 23rd, 2012

Jo Tegai

[TV] GACKT - Quizz at Sukkiri (2012.02.23) ~MQ~

Hi everybody !
Well, today, or yesterday for some of you, there was many TV shows who was featuring GACKT in it, five to be exact. 4 of them was interesting while only one was only promoting Until the Last Day PV. I'm gonna share those 4 videos in 4 separate entries, so you will pick up those you're interested to. First, here's the Sukkiri one, who show a really cool GACKT on a sofa, asking for an answer for his question to the viewers and also to those of the show. He's also talking a little bit at the begining of the video of UTLD's promotional video ! ^_^

Nothing more to say, excepted that the quality is far superior to KeyholeTV, but not enough to be HQ, but I still hope you will enjoy it ! :)

Streaming link : [TV] GACKT - Quizz at Sukkiri (2012.02.23)

[TV] GACKT - Message at PON! (2012.02.23) ~MQ~

Hi again everyone ! :)
Then, in my quest to share the whole set of videos broadcasted today on japanese television, here's the PON! message aired who features a troll, named GACKT. I really like that little message he left for PON!'s viewers, plus, his haircut start to really looks awesome. The begining and the end of the video features the PV of Until the Last Day, since it's also for promoting his new single that he appeared that often on Japanese TV ! ;)

The same as the previous video, the video is better than KeyholeTV quality, but not that good to be HQ either, just enjoy ! =)

Streaming link : [TV] GACKT - Message at PON! (2012.02.23)
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[TV] GACKT - Moon Child at Academy Night (2012.02.24) ~LQ~

Hello again ... again everyone ! :)
Well, the third video will be this time, due to some technical problems, the Academy Night who features a bit of what probably will be the bonus interviews with GACKT & Hyde for Moon Child, in really crappy KeyholeTV quality. I know that I usually don't share those kind of files, but well, sometimes, there's no other choices. It's the 2nd time that it happens, and I hope the last time for me. You can of course also see Hyde talking in the video, at the occasion of the release in Blu-Ray of Moon Child ! ;)

This is a cut of the parts where you can see both HYDE & GACKT talking, the whole training sessions for the stunts have been cut, they was quite long. ^_^

Streaming link : [TV] GACKT - Moon Child at Academy Night (2012.02.24)
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[TV] GACKT - Interview at ZIP! (2012.02.23) ~MQ~

Hello again everyone ! (and this time for the last time ! LOL)
I was keeping the best video for the end, and it's also my favourite one. GACKT have been kinda interviewed at ZIP!, a morning show who features many other kind of informations. Anyway, in this video, even though he might looks a little bit tired, he's really funny and he talk a lot. The plot of this video is to choose an answer of a question, apparently related to him, and then explaining his choice. As always, he's always skilled to entertain everyone with that, even though we don't understand everything ! ^_^
For the last time, the video is not in the best quality, but it's so much better than KeyholeTV. By the way, a japanese fan (thanks to kiraexatsushi3) posted a slighty better quality version of the show on Dailymotion, so enjoy it !

Streaming link : [TV] GACKT - Interview at ZIP! (2012.02.23)