February 19th, 2012

Sengokushi GACKT

[TV] GACKT - Ristorante Botsu game at Himitsu no Arashi-Chan (2012.02.16) ~HQ~

Hello everybody !
Well, recently, GACKT appeared on TBS channel in a show with Arashi, called "Himitsu no Arashi-chan!", and was a guest of the 2nd part of the show. But before talking about the show, I want to dedicate that upload to
anei_no_tsuki, this rip I've made is mainly for you. Anyway, this 2nd part is a food game where the guests have to find out wich of those dishes are the right one. I have performed on this show a really difficult GACKT cut, because there was so much talk, but not only focused on him, that I had to choose where to cut or not. I've kept around 11 minutes of videos, mainly focused on GACKT only, even if I had to keep the original plot of the game intact, in case some people want to understand what they are saying ! ^_^
The HQ quality here is in some ways better than the HQ Youtube quality of the show, plus, there's no watermarks and the video is in one single part, so a must have if you want to look at that show ! :)
Join all the parts together with HJsplit, it's important if you want to watch the show properly, thank you !!!
Takegami Gackt

[TV] GACKT - Until the Last Day at Music Japan (2012.02.19) ~HQ~

Hiii everyone ! :)
Today, on NHK, there was the show called "Music Japan", who had GACKT as a guest, for performing live the song "Until the Last Day". I've to say that despite he's not wearing an armour like we hoped, he's dressed ALMOST like the new picture on GACKT official website, and I quite love that style. He also used his mic stand he first used for Redemption, or for Diabolos concert. Of course, he had to make crazy faces during the performance, just like the PV itself ! :P

The HQ of this video is really impressive. You have here a file who's less than 100 Mbs, for a performance in real HQ, when the Jpopsuki cut was almost 300 Mbs. Just enjoy it~
Nemuri Kyoshiro #4

[TV] Hyde - Introducing Stay Away PV at Nolife (2012.02.18) ~Subbed~ {HQ}

Hello, it's me again everyone ! :)
Well, today, on french television, Hyde, the singer of L'arc~en~Ciel, appeared a little bit for introducing his PV called "Stay Away". His appearance here was at the end of the show on Nolife channel called "J-top", and as always, looked really shy in front of the camera. This video have a little particularity, who with the english translation of
leslouille, contains english subs. I did the subs, but not the translation. So both french people & overseas fans will enjoy that short video of GACKT Hyde ! ^_^
The quality, just like the previous Nolife video, is in HQ, but not in the same HQ like I'm used to share, I still hope you will enjoy it ! ^_^