February 7th, 2012

GACKT ~Awesome~

Hiiiii !!!!~ (what an original title, isn't it ? xD)

Hiiiiii !!!! xD
So, yesterday, I came back at home from my girlfriend's house. I've spent a really nice time (nothing's pervert behind that xD), but the problem is that each times I'm sleeping at her house, I never sleep well. So right now, because I've a big headache, so I will talk in a quick entry about the poll I've made before I came on hiatus.
The poll was about to choose wich HQ Premium quality videos you wanted to see uploaded. I was really surprised to see such results, they were ALWAYS close from each others, always one or two votes of differences. I did closed the poll a little bit later, because I had to wait to see an another vote to come. Yeah, they were both 50% for each answers ! xD I saw that you all want both videos, maybe then for my next birthday ! =P *evil laugh*

I will then start to encode, convert, and upload the GACKT cut of the CoD Press Conference, just like the "majority" of you all want. Sorry to those who wanted the Nicoden video, but votes are votes. In case you're too sad about it, make sure to check THAT post, so you will enjoy many HQ Premium screencaps from the video itself ! ^_^