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Hello everyone ! :)
First, I want to properly thanks everyone who sent me messages in any way they could, through my birthday entry, on Twitter, Facebook, VK ... you guys are awesome, really, thank you really much. I wasn't expecting that much birthday wishes actually, it's even more than last year. In that occasion, I plan to share something in a HQ quality have you have never seen before, for sure. So, as a clue, it's a video that you already have seen before, but in a quality that I've never shared before, even in private. But for now, let's talk about that lovely VHS rip I did a while back. It features a truly bored Gackt in a Musical Quizz in Heyx3, where he really seems to don't care AT ALL about what's happening ! xD

As always, by HQ VHS, it's in HQ, but in a VHS level, so don't expect something in HD like the newest shows I've shared previously. It's simply impossible because this format wasn't even created at this moment.
Join all the parts together with HJSplit to watch the video, thanks in advance ! ^_^

Please, don't claim the rip as your own work. Ripping a VHS is truly not something easy to do, I hope you will understand ! :)
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