January 22nd, 2012

~ GACKT in Toronto #2 ~

[Framework.jp] Gackt - Interview about Seiji's dub (2003) ~Original Quality~

Hello everyone ! :)
Woah, quite a while since the last time I've uploaded something, isn't it ? Some things will change about the way I will upload my files, Megaupload have now closed, so it means that I will have more troubles to share bigger files, due to the 200 Mbs restrictions of Mediafire. I would also like to thanks to everyone to send me messages and to those who re-uploaded for me some of my files, for some of them, I still need to post their links. But it's not over, I'm willing also to re-upload my files, and your help is still highly appreciated. Then, if you have a file previously shared from my Livejournal and who don't have a Mediafire link, then, send me your mediafire link via PM with the link and also the link of my Livejournal entry, so I can quickly see wich post need to be edited. Thanks in advance !
Okay, I'm talking about Megaupload uploads, but I want also to talk about THIS video. This really rare video was sent to me by
ren_chi via Skype (Thank you <3), it's about a bit of behind the scenes of the dubbing process for the OAV of Hokuto no Ken : Fist of the North Star. In this video, you can see a little bit of the dubbing process, and the biggest part is an interview about that work.
The quality isn't that good, but it's the original quality grabbed in 2003 from the internet. I've to admit I never seen that video before myself, I hope you will like it ! ^_^