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19 January 2012 @ 10:31 pm
I'm just ... blah right now.
As you maybe already know (or not), Megaupload isn't working right now. But not because there's a problem with their servers, but this time because the government of the USA have managed to SHUT DOWN the website. Look yourself on that link, I won't detail all the reasons behind it, since there's too many ...


Well, the problem is that right now, 75% of my uploaded stuff were on Megaupload ... you know what it means, right ?
For now, it have been shut down since a few hours ago, it's really recent. But if Megaupload website really not survive to this, I might have to backup ALL my files to Mediafire unfortunatly ...
My goal is to share the love, but if most of my stuff isn't working, what's the point of it, right ?  I'm working hard to get the files available to everyone, and the amount of stuff who's now not available because Megaupload shut down is just INSANE, I can't handle all of that alone.

If you would like to re-upload files before on Megaupload on Mediafire or wathever website you want, please send me a private message here on LJ or Facebook with the link of my entry and your link with the file I previously uploaded. I will edit it right away with your links and full credits for the re-upload ! :)

I sincerely apologize for the trouble that it causes here ... *bows*
Current Mood: weirdweird