January 15th, 2012

YFC - The End of the Day

[TV] Yellow Fried Chickenz - Speed Master + Mata Koko de Aimasho at V-Rock Festival (2012.01.08) HQ

Hello everyone ! :)
I must admit that today was a really hard day to keep up with everything to share. But I want to stay focused on one thing at the same time, that's why I will work on the other videos later. I'm offering you the HQ versions of the two performances that was shown on Fuji TV Next, from the V-Rock Festival. Those two performances features Speed Master, with more english sentences, and their new songs, Mata Koko de Aimasho, the upcoming YFC single. I've separated the two performances in two videos, so this way, you won't have to make a cut yourself if you only want to listen to one song and not the other one. The second performance is also the one where you will see the new tatoo that GACKT got to comemorate the earthquake in Japan the 11/3 ! ^_^

The videos are in HQ, but not in HD like the Jpopsuki version. I'm not satisfied myself with the quality, but I still hope you will enjoy it anyway.