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Hello everyone ! :)
How are you ? I'm fine, and I hope you're fine too. If not, you will have to download that in order to feel better. Anyway, today, NicoNico Douga was broadcasting the moment where GACKT was for the premiere in theaters of Bunraku, in Japan. GACKT have answered to a lot of questions, and even if he was turning in the wrong side from the camera angle, it's still enjoyable. There's variations of sounds at some moments, but that's not from me but from the broadcast itself. At the end, GACKT is standing for the journalists while they takes pictures for the japanese websites. He's having fun with the fans here, you can look how
HERE ! ^_^
The video contains the begining, with the trailer of Bunraku, the conference itself, and of course the picture displayed at the begining and at the end of the video, in original quality ! ^_^
Mediafire link : [NicoNico] GACKT - Interview at the Bunraku Premiere (2012.01.14).avi (165 Mb)
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