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Hello everyone ! :)
Today is the last day where GACKT appear on new TV shows (excepted for the WoWoW broadcast the 15th of January), so after this one, I might be more focused on upload other kind of stuff, or awnsering to all your nice comments. Anyway, this TV was so damn funny, GACKT is almost ROFLING and some other funny stuff. They are definetly enjoying to be here, even if GACKT had a really tight schedule. The quality of the video is a LITTLE bit lower than the Saturday Night Chubaw video, but it's definetly not LQ for me. I hope you will enjoy it ! ^_^

I apparently missed a few seconds of talk in the show, I apologize for that, I didn't planned they would appear again for a few questions, but it's really only a few seconds, so don't worry ! ^_^
Mediafire link : [TV] Yellow Fried Chickenz - Talk at MusicRu (2012.01.09).avi (184 Mb)
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