January 7th, 2012

GACKT in Paris #3

[TV] GACKT - Saturday Night Chubaw (2012.01.07) ~MQ~

Hello everyone ! :)
Today was a hard day for me who want to rip everything I found about GACKT in good quality, because I had a hard time to find something who was working in order to rip the show who was shown on japanese TV, called "Saturday Night Chubaw", on TBS. I was searching for something else than KeyholeTV, because the quality really s*cks there, and I searched something else until I really had no other choices. And I found something reliable (thanks to you know who ! <3) that will allow me to provide that show in a better quality than KeyholeTV. In that show, GACKT seems to have improved his cooking skills since the last time. Judge by yourself with
a preview on dailymotion I've posted ! :)
Don't ask me how I got to rip the show in MQ, I won't anwser. Let's say it's one of my various tricks that I will always keep secret ! ^_~

Please join the .001 & .002 files together with the latest version of HJsplit if you use Mediafire, thank you ! ^_^