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Hello everyone ! :)
It's my first entry since we are in 2012, I hope you've spent a wonderful new year holidays. I would like to start this year with a poll. The question is simple, do you want the whole GEINOUJIN KAKUZUKE CHECK 2012 available at
ohgacktyoudidnt or would you prefer a GACKT cut version ? Please let me know, because your choice will make the difference for me.

- The whole show will takes me 3x times more than the GACKT-cut version, but you will still have the full show at the end.
- The GACKT cut version can be made for tomorow, but maybe some jokes in japanese will be cut as well because of the missing parts.

Our dear sakura_liz have shared the whole show in MQ right HERE. I will then make a GACKT-cut as soon as I can ! ^_^

Poll #1807940 Wich version ?
This poll is closed.

Wich version of the Geinoujin Kakuzuke Check 2012 you want ?

The whole show ! (Takes more time to be released)
The GACKT cut version ! (Takes less time to be released)
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