December 27th, 2011

Seito Kaichou ~Gakuensai~ #2

[TV] GACKT - Preview for Saturday Night Chubaw (2011.12.25)

Hello everyone ! :)
I missed you ? At this end of the year, I was wondering what to upload until I start again to upload bigger files, and someone actually wanted the preview of the upcoming cooking show called "Saturday Night Chubaw" that I've uploaded
HERE on Dailymotion in his original quality. I must say that the original quality of the video available on the TBS website isn't that great itself. The show is scheduled to be broadcasted the 07th January 2012 on the channel, and it's available on KeyholeTV for those who are interested ! ^_^
Then, why requesting a simple video available on the website ? Because you have to be in Japan to view that video, so I've still managed to grab it anyway for those who, just like my friend, might be interested by it. So enjoy it in a LITTLE better quality ! =)
Mediafire link : [TV] GACKT - Preview for Saturday Night Chubaw (2011.12.25).avi (2 Mb)