December 22nd, 2011


[PV] Yellow Fried Chickenz - ALL MY LOVE (2011.12.22) ~HQ~

Hello to everyone who read that entry ! :)
Today, something really awesome have been shared in the fandom, that I can't resist to share it here, but in HQ. As you have seen in the title, it's indeed the whole version of the PV for the song "ALL MY LOVE" of the Yellow Fried Chickenz. That PV manage to bring you feelings that you might not have though, and this, without understanding a single word of the PV. For me, the video teach you that, even if you lost someone dear to you or that something bad happened, you should not lose hope and faith in life, and still stand and look to the future ! :)

As always, thanks to Steely from Jpopsuki (who kindly shared Episode.0 or Graffiti by the past) who kindly shared with us the original file that I'm providing here ! ^_^
Nicoradi GACKT

[Scans] Yellow Fried Chickenz - Songs Magazine (January 2012) ~Semi HQ~

Hello again everyone ! :)
While I was preparing my previous entry, a japanese DEARS sent me a tweet (Thanks
Otaru <3) with the scans of the newest press release of the Yellow Fried Chickenz, from the magazine called "Songs". Those scans were kindly shared to me when I've announced I would share the HQ version of the PV All My Love, and Otaru given me the permission to repost those scans on my Livejournal, so I hope you will like them ! :)
I've edited them a little bit, because some parts of the scans appeared with a white effect, so now, it looks even better than before. I hope that I did right and that Otaru will agree with my choice ! =)