December 21st, 2011

YFC - The End of the Day

[Avex] Yellow Fried Chickenz - All My Love Comment (2011.12.21) ~HQ~

Hello mina-san ! :)
Today, the official AVEXnetwork channel on Youtube uploaded
  a video comment about the latest release of the Yellow Fried Chickenz, the single ALL MY LOVE/YOU ARE THE REASON. This video comment features GACKT with the Yellow Fried Chickenz just like how they are in the PV of All My Love, and talk a little bit about it. The version I'm giving you is in the original quality than the original .flv version available on Youtube, and I've also cut the black screen that you have at the very begining and at the end of the video, to keep only the comment. I've also make the sound a little bit higher, because it seemed to be too low in the original one ! :)
I won't upload the other video from AVEXnetwork Youtube channel who contains the full preview of the ALL MY LOVE PV because it's only the preview of J-Melo and the CM mixed up together ! ;)
Mediafire link : [Avex] Yellow Fried Chickenz - All My Love Comment (2011.12.21).avi (22 Mb)