December 19th, 2011

Nemuri Kyoshiro #1

[DMM] GACKT - Press conference about Moon Saga (2011.12.05) ~HQ~

Hello everybody ! :) (it changes from the usual everyone ! xD)
I've made a poll a few days ago about if you all were interested by the version available of the Press Conference for the Moon Saga on the official website, and I've got a majority of positive anwsers. So, in case some of you might have missed the Ustream version, you should go HERE, you also have the "after" in the Ustream version, where GACKT is standing for photos, thing that is not available in that version below. Anyway, the differences are really big with this version. For example, it was filmed with different cameras, and have better close-up than the Ustream version. Also, the quality of the video itself is indeed superior to the previous version and the fluidity of the video is also so much better. To make it short, this version is a must have if you want to look at GACKT and enjoy that press conference even more ! :)
This version I'm giving you can be played on any players you want, the restrictions that the official website give you is now gone here, and I've also kept the original quality of the file ! ^_^

Credit would be really appreciated, but not necessary. At least, don't claim it as your own work, thank you ! =)