December 17th, 2011

YFC - Photobook 2011

[Stuff] My personal GACKT stuff ! #2

Hello everyone ! :)
It's been a while since I've made such kind of
entries, more than one year. I've to admit that since then, my GACKT collection have grown up. My collection have got more new items in some categories than the others, but at the same time, his releases have slowed down since he began YFC. I've listed my Yellow Fried Chickenz items this time because compared to last year, my YFC collection have been bigger than I've ever imagined. I got precious items as well, that I will never sell, no matter what.
I know I've missed things in the pictures/list shown behind the cut, but the biggest part of my collection is here. Please not that I'm not praising myself in any ways as possible, I just love showing what I have, that's how I am ! :)

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YFC - The End of the Day

[CM] Yellow Fried Chickenz - ALL MY LOVE (2011.12.17) ~HQ~

Hello everyone ! :)
Well, a few minutes ago, the Yellow Fried Chickenz website updated with the CM of ALL MY LOVE. That commercial is really wonderfull, I mean the PV ! xD But well, let's talk about that a little bit more. The CM is supposed to be broadcast in Japan today, but later today, so I assume that it was a mistake from the staff who are in charge of the official website. :)

But about that CM, more they are showing us of that PV, more I fall in love of that song and of the clip, really ... <3

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