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14 December 2011 @ 07:48 am
Hello everyone ! :)
Well, today, our dear
sakura_liz given me the energy and advices in order to search for stuff, so with a lot of search, I've managed to find and rip the latest Hirunan desu, with GACKT in it. I've no idea about what they are talking about, but as always, it seems that GACKT is anwsering to the questions in a way that the audiance didn't really expected. The surprising thing is that the video take place where the Moon Saga press conference was held ! ^__^
I was horrified by the Keyhole quality that I didn't watched that version. As a true addict of the video quality, new video or not, I simply can't. This found was the perfect occasion for me to watch that cute show, thanks lizy ! :)
Mediafire : [TV] GACKT - Hirunan desu (2011.12.12).avi (48 Mb)

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