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Hi everyone ! :)
Well, lately, I've been wondering about a few things. I would love if you vote for those two polls for me, so I will know if you really want those files or not ! :) If enough people are interested, I might do it, so all depends if I recieve a lot of positive anwsers or not ! ^_^
You can find two screencaps below showing you the quality of the HQ version for the Waratte iitomo show.

Would you like to have the latest Waratte iitomo in HQ ?

Yes, I would like the HQ version.
No, I prefer the MQ version shared previously.

Are you interested by the press conference of Moon Saga available on the official website ?

Yes, because the camera angles are slighty better than the Ustream version.
No, the Ustream version is enough for me.

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Hello again everyone ! :)
Well, yesterday, our dear
sakura_liz told us that the J-Melo show would show "GACKT" on it, and like most probably everyone already knows, they shown the preview of the upcoming PV "All My Love". That preview, who's 30 second long, was shown when the girl who host the J-Melo show asked to a fan in a J-Rock festival what band she loved, and she said Yellow Fried Chickenz. I have to say that at first, I really disliked the studio version of the ALL MY LOVE song, but now, I start to love that version even more than the live one. It's a really beautifull song ! <3
That video is in original HQ quality, without the parts before and after the preview. The sound is a LITTLE BIT clearer, so I hope you will enjoy it ! :)
Mediafire link : [TV] Yellow Fried Chickenz - Preview of ALL MY LOVE at J-Melo (2011.12.12).avi (6,54 Mb)
Current Mood: curiouscurious
Current Music: YFC - All My Love