December 5th, 2011


[Ustream] GACKT - Press conference about Moon Saga (2011.12.05) + After ~Original Quality~

Hello everyone ! :)
It's been a long moment since the last time I've ripped something that really worth it, I mean in a decent quality ! lol Today, there was a press conference about the Moon saga project in collaboration with CLAMP. The press conference was about to explain a little bit more about the project itself. GACKT said that he would start again his music in 2013-2014, and we can assume it will be something similar to his big concerts like he did for the Visualive. During the record, there was some ads like
THOSE shown for a few seconds during the broadcast, I apologize for that in advance. There was also a black screen during one second, but nothing really annoying. The stream was protected against those who planned to rip the stream after all ... :)
I've also included in a separate video the photoshooting of GACKT after the press conference, so if you're interested to grab it, do it. The quality of both videos are the same as the one shown on Ustream itself ! ^_^