December 4th, 2011

GACKT Karaoke

[MP3] GACKT voice on Japanese Sket Dance website (Original quality)

Hello everyone !!!! =)
Recently, I've discovered that the
Sket Dance website have been modified with some interesting things. Before that update, each things you was putting your cursor in was commented by one of the characters from the anime itself. Here, it can be said like that too, excepted that it's ONLY the character voice by GACKT, called Dante, who comment everything. I've seen quite a lot girls enjoying his voice on the website, so I had the idea to rip those tracks in the website to provide a download link for those who want to listen to his voice forever, and everywhere ! ^_^
These tracks aren't sound records but indeed a direct extraction from the website itself, so the audio quality haven't changed at all. The background music, who's the upcoming GACKT single, haven't been included ! :)
Mediafire link : [MP3] GACKT voice on Japanese Sket Dance website (Original quality).rar (333 Kb)