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Hello mina-san ! :)
I'm so damn tired, but I find the energy to update anyway with something I've ripped today. But first, I wouldn't be able to offer you the full radio show without the help of our dear
pyroyale who have shared kindly with me the first part of the radio show. The reason of this is I've missed myself that part, so it's highly appreciated of her to do that. In the first part, the sound is so much better because pyroyale used a different website only available in Japan to record it. The second part is recorded by me, using Keyhole, so the quality is lower than the first part, but it's still something you can listen, for sure ! ;) For more details (in japanese only) check out this page ! ^_^
I haven't cutted any Mc Donnald commercials or any others, it's an untouched file that I'm providing to you, and for the first part, it's the same as my rip ! :)
Mediafire link : GACKT - Tokyo FM [Sound in my Life] (2011.11.26) ~Part 1~.mp3 (24 Mb)
                        GACKT - Tokyo FM [Sound in my Life] (2011.11.26) ~Part 2~.mp3 (64 Mb)
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