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Hello everyone ! :)
Earlier today, the
Excite.jp website have updated with a little comment of GACKT about the Graffiti single. In this video, he's really classy, I love that style. He seems also to not forget the Yellow Fried Chickenz, because he say near the end "GACKT and the Yellow Fried Chickenz" to introduce himself. Nothing more to say about it, excepted that I've taken a funny screencap of him this time for the thumbnail ! =P
The file isn't coming from Youtube but from the Excite website itself, it does explain why the video is bigger than the one available on Youtube.
Mediafire link : [Excite] GACKT - Comment about Graffiti (2011.11.25).flv (19 Mb)
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Current Music: GACKT - Graffiti