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Hello everyone ! :)
Today, I've recieved a video request from a friend (
k_no_uta) who asked me for THAT video from Youtube, but in HQ, and I've decided to fulfill her request, but publicly, so everyone can enjoy that beautifull performance. That video come from the DVD called "The Greatest Filmography", the BLUE version. It's the accoustic, or also called Unplugged version of Kimi ga Matteiru Kara, also available in the album "Seventh Night" released a few years ago. I highly recommand to you to download that video immediatly ! ^_^
This DVDrip is in fact a .vob file, that means the quality of the video is the SAME as the DVD, for an optimum experience, I hope you will appreciate it ! :)

Join both files together with the latest version of HJsplit in order to watch the video, thanks ! ^__^
Current Mood: pleasedpleased
Current Music: Gackt - Kimi ga Matteiru Kara ~Unplugged version~