November 21st, 2011

Serious GACKT

A bit of that interview of GACKT in the "My Rock" magazine ! :)

Hello everyone ! :)
I'm really happy that you seems to have all appreciated those scans from that french magazine. I don't know why there's less photoshop this time on that photoshoot. The credits for the photos goes to
Trip Fontaine, so he/she's probably responsible of that, I guess it's great ! ^_^
But the goal of that entry is to let you know that I'm well back at home, and I'm giving you a little bit of that interview of GACKT. It's written in big in the top of the second page in the magazine. Please enjoy, and wait patiently for more ! :)

"Yoshiki is a lion, he's at the same time wild and free. To supervise him, you have to tie him to the stage and force him to go to rehearsals"


PS : That sentence is about a question about Yoshiki and him, when they was working for S.K.I.N. together ! :P